Unique series of documentaries about the Friesian Horse

Produced by Omrop Fryslân and the Royal Society ‘Friesch Paarden-Stamboek’

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We are pleased to inform you that a sufficient sum of money has been collected to realise the series ‘It Swarte Goud’.

After a successful crowd funding action in joint partnership with the KFPS, Omrop Fryslân has managed to bring together enough funds for a unique four-part series on the Friesian horse. It will be a magnificent documentary! Via Omrop Fryslân and the National Channels this documentary will also be broadcast on Dutch TV in a series of 30-minute episodes. The production will also be available on DVD (with English subtitling). Here you can order your copy of this unique DVD series ‘It Swarte Goud’ before it goes on air.

Countdown to the television debut of It Swarte Goud








On NPO 2 and Omrop Fryslân

In total, five episodes of It Swarte Goud have been produced. The first episode will air on the following dutch television stations:

When the first episode has aired, the following episodes will air every weekend at the same time and on the same television station.


  • Because there are so many good shots and there is so much to tell, it became a 5 piece documentary. Nice shots  of Friesian horses, but also a view at the people behind these beautiful horses.  The DVD has more shots then the broadcast on Television. 


All prices are VAT included. Filming started in the summer / autumn 2015 till spring 2016.  Broadcasting Arpil 2016 Omrop Fryslân & NPO2 (The Netherlands).

The names who are being associated with

It Swarte Goud

Jill and Dave Weber
Stall Spieß – Friesenzucht „fan Heede“
D. Riehl
Thomas Hagemann
Nadége Jordan Bordeau
R. & T. Venter
C. Steinmetz-Nieboer
T. van der Meer- van Wieren
N. Andringa
Geraki, psychologisch advies
L.G.M. Iraggi-van Hooff
H. Draaijer
F.M. Wisse
H. de Jong
I. en G.T. Veldhuis-Hibma
C. Rijpkema
J. Kleine Deters
I. & P. Cantatore
Tom Willem den Hoed
D. Brummel
Judith Nieuwhof
G.J. Rouwenhorst
L. Groenhof
A. & E. Rogenmoser
K. Schwan
Djoke Peenstra en Jaap Beetsma
Stoeterij Hanenberghoeve J.H.J. Hilderink
H.G. Jassies
A.B. Kok
J. Mülschlegel
R. de Jong
B. Postmus
Harro Presser
B. Traanman
J.W. Veenstra
Stoeterij Koningsland
K.L. Maan
J.G. Rijpkema
S. Zonderland
Grace & Theo Lamers
Christina Gregory
Kris & Terry Fulwiler, Starry Knight Friesians
C. Roozemond
Wind Spirit Friesians, Paul & Juleé Kula
Nicole Voser
Ute Eden
Artur Kollenberg
Lisbet Schachtschabel
Dean Manders
Mandy Medcraft
H.R. Smit
J. Schievink & P.A. Schievink
J.P.J.M. Hemels
P. Smit
Stal Verheul
Tjitte P. Kamminga
All Star Friesians
BW H Ontwerpers b.v.
A.P. Both
Rob & Martine Spaans-Saeys
Fettsje de Jong-Nijdam
L. Haytema
H.R.& R. Osinga
R. Bagedo Black Pearl International
Stal fan Rewert
Stal Lapinenburg
A. de Vries
Alrako bv
HG reclame BV
Jos en Dietske Pieters-Bouma
H. Klettke
Aafke Boomsma
Vanessa Steinhübel
Clifford Alexander
A.R. Zandee
Stichting It Fryske Hoars
Alberta Friesian Horse Association (AFHA)
Selina Bartemy
Raid Bagedo
Gerad Paagman
Vermilion Oil and Gas
Familie Brown
Woudsend fonds
Didy van Heyst
Koninklijk Friesch Paarden Stamboek
Omrop Fryslân
Anna de Boer
StarKing BV Friese Paarden
Willem en Pieteke Atsma

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A film about the Friesian horse that will be completely unique and has never been done before. Omrop Fryslân and the Royal Society ‘het Koninklijk Friesch Paarden- Stamboek’ are setting out to produce a series of documentaries with our Royal Friesians at Centre stage! With exquisite footage of the best stallions and the most beautiful mares. We are aiming to unearth delightful and endearing tales about these special horses, told by exceptional and unique people who will bring these stories to the forefront. But we will also cover topics such as equine history, traditions, customs, characteristics, inspections, life stories, struggles, passion and success. Because Friesian horses are terribly popular and treasured by so many, all over the world.

Surprising really, since our Friesian breed nearly died out some sixty years ago. We simply had no need for them anymore, their agricultural significance became redundant in the wake of the invention of tractors. But since then their numbers have risen again to close to 70,000 Friesian horses. From Aegum (a tiny hamlet in Friesland) to China and from New Zealand to Paraguay. These days they are praised for their outstanding beauty, power, majestic presence, personality and that deep, jet black immaculate coat. As far back as Roman times, the great warriors were known to have a soft spot for that mighty, black phenomenon.

In this documentary we will endeavor to unravel how and why this breed has succeeded in braving all storms. And the effect this breed has on people. For instance, why is it that Zorro was mounted on a Friesian horse? Why is it that a thriller author like Dan Brown keeps Friesian horses? Or Metallica’s guitarist Kirk Hammett? How come a Chinese textiles tycoon owns an entire equine village housing the best of two hundred Friesian horses? It must be all of these feelings that are so difficult to put in words that bring tears to the eyes of Friesian expatriates on the mention of Friesian horses.

Royal families all over the world have Friesian horses in their stables; they act in Hollywood films, inspire artists and circus performers to create spectacular shows and moving performances. And numerous owners of large and small breeding yards, enthusiasts and users – each and every one special – are willing to give it their all and do anything to preserve and improve their beloved breed. Each in their own way, all looking for the ideal horse, the Black Gold, captured in a unique series which will picture the magic of Friesian horses in an unprecedented way.